The development and growth of the 500 largest companies in the Nordic countries is vital to the sustainability of economic growth in the Nordic region.

The focus for the Nordic 500 project 2011-2013 will be:

The sharing of best-practice knowledge will, in addition to publication activities from the project, be organized through a Nordic Corporate Champion Conference in 2012, at the same time as Norway become in charge of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

History of the Nordic Projects

In 2004, The Center for Corporate Diversity presented the first overview of the largest 500 Nordic companies and the number of women board directors and executive directors in each of the companies. This was also the first benchmarking of diversity in the largest Nordic companies, based on the same principles used to analyze the 500 largest corporations in the US, Canada, Australia and South Africa.
The international attention that the Nordic 500 Report attracts is due to the interest and respect for characteristics of the Nordic social profile: Gender equality, inclusiveness, and proximity to power.